About CSCP&G.

CSCP&G was founded by Marc Feldman and Hugh Taylor as an outgrowth of their research process in writing the book “Space Piracy: Preparing for a Criminal Crisis in Orbit” (Wiley, 2025). Marc Feldman is a space entrepreneur and space finance professional. Hugh Taylor has over 20 years of experience writing about cybersecurity, technology, and compliance. 

Dedicated to Solving the Novel Challenges of Governance, Sovereignty, Commerce, Law, Crime, and Piracy in Space


CSCP&G envisions launching and managing a portfolio of policy-related projects, including:

  • Developing of crime mitigation standards for space technology
  • Developing prototypical international agreements for the purpose joint approaches to prevent and suppress space piracy and crime.
  • Defining space crime, piracy and Governance.
  • Fostering the development of new technologies and other approaches to prevent and suppress space crime/piracy.
  • Developing actionable solutions to prevent, mitigate and suppress space crime/piracy by reimagining the roles of the US Navy and other service branches in space.
  • Reimaging the role of the intelligence community and law enforcement entities in space


CSCP&G anticipates publishing papers and a recurring series of in-depth reports on a range of topics, including:

  • Space crime and piracy statistics
  • Developments in space sovereignty and law
  • The space law policies of spacefaring nations
  • The role of the US military in combatting space crime and piracy
  • The role of the US intelligence community in combatting space crime and piracy
  • Financial and risk management aspects of space crime and piracy
  • Quarterly journal


CSCP&G’s first event, the Space Crime and Piracy Conference, is in development and tentatively schedule for February, 2025 at the US Naval Academy. It is expected to become an annual event. Other possible events include:

  • Recurring panel discussions regarding space crime and piracy, risk management, and government’s role in mitigating these threats
  • Key stakeholder meetings, for the purpose of defining and ratifying emerging anti-crime standards in space


CSCP&G intends to recruit fellows from a wide range of backgrounds, including legislative, diplomatic, corporate, military, and intelligence.


CSCP&G is already working with several advisors with significant experience in the realms of space law, maritime law, risk management, the military, and intelligence. The program intends to build a robust board of advisors as it launches.



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